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Friday, August 1, 2014

NEW BOOK: Positively Negative: Love, Pregnancy and Science's Surprising Victory Over HIV

"How could someone have sex without a condom, not pass on the virus and have a healthy baby? It went against everything we’ve heard about unprotected sex for decades." - Heather Boerner, author

My PrEP Experience is very excited about this book. We featured one of the remarkable individuals whose story is told in this book on our blog. Our first post about "Poppy" was published in June 2012 - Trying to Get Pregnant and Thankful for PrEP and then, we were delighted to post a very very happy follow-up in November 2013 - Poppy's Story - How A Magnetic Straight Couple Utilized PrEP for Conception.

From a press release:

Positively Negative: Love, Pregnancy, and Science’s Surprising Victory Over HIV
($2.99, Amazon, July 2014) takes readers behind the scenes of the crucial last 15 years of the crisis, when scientific detectives forged a new understanding of the virus and the potent antiretroviral medications that would tame it.

Then, it follows two HIV-affected couples (in which one person has HIV and the other does not) as they pioneer a path to parenthood, harnessing the power of the new science in the service of the most natural of all drives—the formation of a family (including Poppy!)

In 65 brief pages, veteran journalist Heather Boerner weaves a narrative that’s part love story and part medical mystery, all in language that it’s easy for readers to understand.

In it, readers will learn:

• How HIV can affect heterosexual couples and their desire for parenthood;

• How HIV medicines have changed the futures of HIV-positive people and those they love;

• How babies can be born without HIV even though a parent has the virus;

• What it means when the news talks about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), Truvada, and treatment as prevention;

• How condoms went from the de facto safe-sex method to one of several options;

• How to safely conceive a baby with one’s HIV-positive partner;

• How far we have to go to implement the science and get to zero new HIV cases.

Order the book here.


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