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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Happy PrEP-Aversary!

Today is the Third Anniversary of the FDA's approval of Truvada for HIV prevention, otherwise known as PrEP.

Happy Birthday!



PrEP involves an HIV-negative person taking a pill every day - called Truvada - to prevent becoming infected with HIV. But PrEP isn't just a pill, it's a program that includes visits with your healthcare provider four times a year, regular HIV and STD screening, ongoing medical monitoring, sexual health counseling and adherence support.

PrEP is revolutionizing safer sex. And you are living in historical, exciting times.

In the past three years, much PrEP progress has been made - more people are aware of PrEP and more people have access to it - in Chicago and across the country. But so much remains to be done. We have to do much better getting PrEP to people who are most vulnerable. We need to dramatically improve awareness and access in the communities where HIV rates remain high - among young gay black men, transgender women, and black cisgender heterosexual women in particular.

We - the collective we - are far from fulfilling the promise and potential of PrEP. And we will only get there -  collectively and collaboratively - through strong, sustained community mobilization, including YOU.

With that said, please share this post and visit us on Facebook - Project RSP - to help get the word out about PrEP. And talk to your friends about PrEP, whether you are taking it yourself or you're a PrEP advocate and ally.

Be sure to check out all the informational links on this blog for everything from fact sheets to financial assistance resources to a Chicago-area PrEP provider listing.

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